A CRE loan is a big deal.

Lending and borrowing shouldn’t be.

Choose, negotiate and manage global CRE loans with complete certainty, at digital speed.

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We get it.

We get it. CRE loans are of bigger value, much more complex and carry a higher risk, but it doesn’t mean the process should be the same!
Lendhaus uses advanced technology and data management to bring borrowers, lenders and service providers from around the globe to the same digital table, so they can easily…


Find lenders/borrowers around the world and easily compare between them due to the use of standardised terms, unique data approach and streamlined processes.


We fast track and facilitate the due-diligence process with up-to-date, accurate asset data, and help you get the best loan pricing and terms.


Having a single source of truth for each asset means you can keep your relationship alive, even after the deal is done. Stay compliant, share reports and continue building trust.

Borrow or lend like it’s the 21st century.
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Don’t get lost in a loan.

Enjoy the benefits of having a fully digitised loan process with all your asset data properly managed in one place…

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Reduced costs

Trust and transparency

A single source of truth

It’s easy to deal with.

Get fast approvals with our end-to-end, data-driven deal making process…

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We can also help you keep managing your relationship with your lenders after the deal is done

It’s a smart move.

As a world-first managed marketplace for CRE lending, our experienced team is using technology and data management to standardise and simplify the CRE financing process, with a vision to bring this industry into the 21st century, where it belongs.

We are already working with leading advisory firms, getting more and more deals across the line, and would love for you to take advantage of it as well.

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